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When people aren’t having fun, they seldom produce good work. Why is it that multinationals are using generic, ‘user unfriendly’ content to market to young people? The game has changed and it’s time for brands to start having fun with their content. We, as millennials, are finding it harder and harder to relate to stock images and Facebook targeting that doesn’t speak to us. We have never had more of a shift in the curve in terms of our demands and wants. And better yet the younger generation has no idea what we want until we see it.


@GaryVee “The incredible brand awareness and bottom-line profits achievable through social media marketing require hustle, heart, sincerity, [bctt tweet=”constant engagement, long-term commitment, and most of all, artful and strategic storytelling.” username=”@garyvee”]


Here are some of the best ways brands can bridge the generation gap:

1. Influencer Endorsements

You’re probably wondering, what is the why behind what we buy?

It’s a hard question to answer because anything can influence us. Everything from a celebrity wearing a branded snapback on Instagram to a subtly placed box of packaging on a Youtube Vlog. The point we are making here is it is just as much the people the brand is associated with that makes us want it. Pick the right brand ambassadors for you company with your brand’s mission and goals in mind to engage generation y.


2. Video Content

Brands aren’t producing enough video content to engage with their audiences. A combined use of Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Videos and Youtube can really set your brand apart as being ahead of the game. Snapchat is a goldmine of opportunity for anyone that wants to create real relationships and build loyalty with its young fans.

You can create videos that display well on an array of platforms. Put your ideas together and find the right videographer to curate the content and make it into a slick promotional video for your brand. Instagram videos have a maximum length of 60 seconds, while Snapchat videos should be 10 seconds long. Short content grabs attention.

Plan video content so that when you make a 60-second video (or longer videos for networks like Facebook and YouTube), you can simply slice the video into pre-organized segments and share them on respective networks. Above all, ensure the video content is a tight fit to your brand’s attributes and remember to always tell YOUR story.

Check out this great viral video for Rebtel:


3. Engagement

Some old school brands are not engaging with their audiences like they should. Don’t ignore tweets. If young people want to contact you on social media then you can use this to your advantage. Don’t ignore tweets when a customer has reached out to you (either positively or negatively). if  you’re ignoring customers reaching out, you are missing an easy marketing opportunity.

Don’t separate your customer service team from the marketing team – these two teams need to be in constant contact with one another. Every negative comment or tweet is a chance to right a wrong. Social media has turned customer service into a marketing opportunity. Complaints can be turned into positive marketing opportunities, so these two teams should work hand-in-hand.


4. Document Vs. Create

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect. Move fast and break things. Spend more time documenting your brand than waiting for creation.


 5Exploit Your Platforms

Ask yourself, what platforms are influencing young people’s purchasing behaviours today? Find out and destroy those platforms with your There is nothing and we mean nothing worse than not knowing you have an old website or that you don’t have the skill in-house to manage your social media the right way. There’s no excuse for 1990s style web design or badly executed graphics in your social media campaigns. Trust us when we say it does more damage than good to your brand.  Good design should be applied across all of your marketing – it’s not just social media that needs to look good. Your website still gets hits from young people; so don’t litter it with outdated stock photos.

There is no real secret to generation y marketing. It is a wonderful manipulation of clever videos and carefully curated memes. Help young people fall in love with your brand by giving them a glimpse of the good life and leave having inspired them. Enable them to succeed with your super awesome ‘life hacks’ and user experience that makes them feel smarter. Above all, play on our emotions and enable us to bond over a universal human experience. Because we love that kinda stuff.

Remember – we are here to help. Have a good one!