About Us

We use digital tools to help you connect with your customers and generate business results.

We’re Effector, a team of skilled designers, developers and marketers focused on helping brands and businesses generate results online. Using these tools to grow your business can be time consuming. The endless opportunities available to us here allow us to create eye-catching content that converts, to build websites that achieve goals and to design personalised brand experiences that drive your business towards your objectives, and we absolutely love what we do.

While still only a small agency, our passion and desire for what we do is what makes us stand out above the rest. Each of us cut our teeth in social media by growing up completely immersed in a digital world where becoming an expert was second nature. Since then we have also become experts in strategy, content creation and web design, Three valuable skills that we use to maximise your return on investment.


Why Effector?

01. Objective Focused

Focused solutions that make an impact and drive business online. We take great pride and satisfaction from our work, and nothing beats delivering pure excellence to our clients.

02. On Trend

As digital natives we are practitioners of the online world, our youthful and eclectic team are savvy users of these platforms. Working in the trenches to bring a fresh perspectives to the project means we are always on top of the latest online trends.

03. Strong Design

We specialise in beautiful websites & digital marketing campaigns. Combining strategy, creative and technology; we’ve made a conscious effort to always put the user ‘front-of-mind’.


About Karl

Karl O’Brien is the founder of Effector.ie, having started the business in June 2014 while attending university. Karl has taken Effector from a one-person freelance operation to a fledgling company with a growing team and impressive client base. Karl occasionally speaks on Social Media, Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship and can be contacted directly below.

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