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Are you thinking of redesigning your SME website? Sure, it can seem like a daunting task. There’s so much to think of, it takes time and money. However, in the long term, the benefits will far outweigh the effort it takes now to redesign your website.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to consider redesigning your SME website in the near future. And remember, with Effector by your side, we can take all the hassle out of the process so that you get a shiny new website, with all the bells and whistles, with minimum stress on you.

1. Your Web Design Looks Stale

This is one valid reason you may want to start redesigning your SME website. Your website is essentially your shop window and the appearance is extremely important. If your website has been in existence for a number of years without any significant changes in the design elements, it may be that what was popular – and often in many cases, possible – at that time, just doesn’t cut it today.

You may ask, but if my website is performing shouldn’t I leave it well enough alone? That is a common concern for SME business owners. However, if you can see that there are improvements that could be made in the design, chances are your customers see it too. You need not change how the website functions when undergoing a design based redesign, you can simply upgrade the look of the site. Of course, there is the chance that once you look under the bonnet, so to speak you realise that there are other optimisations that could be carried out to make your website work even better than it does currently.

The ideal time to begin a redesign focussed on aesthetics is when your whole business is undergoing a rebrand. This way you can implement the design elements across all parts of your business from the website and letter head to any promotional banners you may use at events, etc.

2. Your Website Gives Mobile Users a Headache

This is a hugely important factor in web design. Not too long ago mobile optimisation was a nice add on. Now, it is essential. Considering the numbers of people who access website via mobile in 2017, if your website is not easy for your audience to get around while on the go, you’re missing the boat.

Every function on your website needs to work as well on mobile as it does on a desktop. If you have an online ordering system, this in particular needs to be functional on mobile. In 2017, mobile ecommerce is set to take the top spot ahead of desktop. So small businesses need to be ready.

3. Potential Clients Can’t Find the Information They Want

How easy is your site to navigate? If your website has been active for some time you may have been lucky enough to get feedback from your audience on what they like and what just doesn’t work. Functionality is the most important element of your website. If people cannot get the information they need quickly and without having to trawl through tons of other extraneous detail they get frustrated.

A common decision these days on some websites is to omit a contact phone number. While this may make sense for the company on some level, it is a sure way to irritate those people who want to be able to pick up the phone and have their question answered without delay. Each element of your website should be carefully considered with the end user top of mind. If you know that finding your way around your current website can be tricky, it may be time to consider redesigning your SME website.

4. Your SME Website isn’t Pulling Its Weight

A very good reason for redesigning your SME website is because it simply isn’t pulling its weight. What do we mean by that? Your business website is an integral part of your marketing strategy – and if it doesn’t work, you may as well not have one at all – or worse, it could be driving people away.

Having a website for your small business is very important, but if your current website was one that you set up some years ago to tick the box of having a website, but hasn’t been updated since you’re missing out the incredible opportunities available online.

Above all, your website needs to bring you business. There are ways to track how well it is performing, Google analytics is a very handy free tool that will give you loads of information about how your audience interacts with your website. If you can’t remember the last time any new customer mentioned having seen your website, or it’s clear that it isn’t sending customers your way, then the chances are something is gone awry and needs to be fixed.

5. Users Bounce Before the Site Loads

While bouncy castles might be a lot of fun for kids, bouncing is not something you want anywhere near your SME website. The data shows that internet users are less and less likely to wait around for the content they want. If your site doesn’t load within 2 seconds, half of your audience will be gone! They hit the back button, revisit Google and choose the next result that looks similar to what you offered them. This may just be your direct competitor. If this is happening, you are literally handing your competitor your business on a plate – and that needs to stop.

6. You Need to Improve Site Security

Site security is extremely important to most people who choose to do business online – and that’s pretty much everyone. Our personal data is one of the most valuable commodities in the world today and we need to trust the sites that we use to keep whatever information we entrust to them safe. If your website gathers any type of information from customers or potential customers then it is your responsibility to keep that safe.

While those that want to hack into sites are developing more elaborate means every day, there are a number of things that you as a website owner can do to keep the threat at a minimum. However, if your website has not been updated in a number of years, chances are that your security systems have become outdated and could be easily hacked.

In the event of an attack on your site it is not just your user’s information that can be accessed. Your site could be used to display all types of ads or undesirable content. When this happens to a small business it can be very difficult for them to get over it and move on in their business as customer confidence gets well and truly shaken.

If you have security concerns about your website, it is best to address them now, before it’s too late  and redesigning your SME website is a good way to do so.

7. The Function of Your SME Website has Evolved

Just as technology and design evolves, so too do our businesses. Though most businesses will stay true to their original business idea throughout their lifespan, offerings may change, the way your implement your business may change and your marketing objectives may need to be adjusted over time. If your business has undergone any sort of significant development in recent times and your website does not yet reflect it, now is the time to implement these revisions.

Out of date content is frustrating for users, instead of being able to get the information they need straight away they may need to make a phone call to confirm whether the obviously out dated content is still accurate.

If you have put a lot of time and effort into making developments within your business that will benefit your customers or clients, it only makes sense to reflect these innovations on your website. Doing so can help position you as an inventive, ground breaking operator in your field. Isn’t that a good reason to consider a redesign of your SME website?

As we have detailed above, there are a number of reasons to consider redesigning your SME website. Whether you desire a partial upgrade or a complete overhaul of your existing site, talk to Effector today to see how we can help develop a website that delivers for your business.